International Women's Day #BalanceforBetter

Today is International Women’s day! IGNW strives to create #BalanceForBetter in our workplace. Let's work together to build a gender-balanced world. Everyone has a part to play - all the time, everywhere.

The 2019 #BalanceforBetter campaign runs all year long. BUT It doesn't end on International Women's Day.

So, how does IGNW create a more balanced work place? We start with our leadership! Kerri Fry is IGNW’s SVP of Operations and Finance, and Karen Rice is one of our Managing Partners and our GM. From company leaders, and throughout our organization, IGNW strives everyday to create a balanced work force and enable empowerment in our community.

Holistically, IGNW’s recruiting and development programs are the foundation that empower women at IGNW. When we recruit for talent for ourselves or our clients, IGNW prioritizes diversity, understanding that this is what makes any company stronger. Karen recently shared her thoughts on diversity at IGNW: 

“Being a part of the leadership team at IGNW, I take pride in coaching other women at IGNW and even our potential employees, in their career growth. One way is by encouraging them to take ownership of their development and career as well as to provide them with the space and flexibility to do so. I believe that magic happens in our careers when we are stretched and operating outside of our comfort zone.  By demonstrating that I operate in this space, it can encourage other women to take on similar challenges.” - Karen Rice, Managing Partner / GM of Resourcing

IGNW Team Building (Ladies won TOP GOLF)

IGNW Team Building (Ladies won TOP GOLF)

New to IGNW, Karvari Ellingson received her bachelors in degree in Fine Art when she was 36, but went into property management after graduation. After several years, she realized she needed more intellectually challenging work! Karvari decided to go back to school for CS, starting with the traditional route, (IGNW is grateful she did!!) and then pivoting to Epicodus where she THRIVED. She followed the 4 month coding bootcamp with a 2 month internship at Thetus led her to her first tech job there.

We believe Karvari crushes it in tech , and in life, because she enjoys challenges and really REALLY loves “getting on my computer, cracking open the terminal, and seeing the insides of what is going on."

IGNW is grateful to have such a large, diverse group of women in every category of our business. We are looking forward to 2019- another big year of #BalanceForBetter leading to big success for IGNW and our awesome team!!