Executing quickly on your Digital priorities is key to maintaining your competitive advantage. Wait too long, and you lose a customer. Move faster, and you take market share…

IGNW’s team of seasoned consulting engineers, in our 5 Digital Practices, will dramatically increase your digital velocity and your competitive advantage by helping you tackle the most important digital priorities with our vast and highly specialized bench. You need scale, you need expertise and you need a partner who has done all of this before. Focus on your business while we execute on your most important digital initiatives, and put them in the win column!



Get it done right, right now. Let us own the outcome and you’ll breathe easy ...


When IGNW tackles your project, you know it will be done right. IGNW’s nationally esteemed bench of consulting engineers have worked on some of the most complex digital projects globally for organizations like Fortune 10 companies, cloud native hyperscalers and even large State and Federal agencies. When it comes to complex project services, we have you covered.

  • Software Pipeline Accceleration/CI/CD Velocity Improvements - Improve aspects of your pipelines or let IGNW build your entire process.
  • Infrastructure Automation and deployment - Why deploy the old way? IGNW will automate your deployment, and leave behind the tools for management!
  • Cloud Native Application Development - No more monoliths. IGNW will build your software with the newest patterns, whether container based or serverless, on prem or in the cloud.
  • Application Modernization - Modernize your traditional applications and get them cloud ready.
  • Public Cloud/ Private IT Automation/Tooling - There are literally thousands of tools that overlap in public and private cloud. Let IGNW help you build the right toolset for YOUR business.
  • Modern Cloud Migrations - Lift and shift patterns can leave you with more cost and less control than before. There are new patterns for cloud success. Let IGNW work with you today.
  • Full Stack Orchestration, Automation and Configuration Management - Implement the perfect approach.
  • Containerization/Cloud Native/Microservices



Organizational Agility starts with rapid resolutions and building upon fast success...


Technical and business Agility enables organizations to turn market disruption to competitive advantage, while thriving in today's newer, more complex environments.

  • Agile PMO/Project management services - Let IGNW help you deliver high quality products and services rapidly and continuously.
  • Organizational Agility Design and Execution - Reduce bureaucracy, evolve cultures, and respond more quickly to challenges and opportunities.