Take control of your multicloud deployments - See IGNW’s solution at Google Next

A multicloud strategy gives you choices for optimizing your cloud deployments. The question is, how do you manage the complexity that multiple clouds introduce? Now, there’s a solution.

Coming next week to Google Next 2019, IGNW will have its new architecture for multicloud management on full display at Booth #1613. We hope to see you there, and take you through this innovative solution that provides a consistent experience across multiple cloud vendors for both users and cloud management teams.

Plan for a multicloud forecast

The IGNW Multicloud Architecture provides governance and control over each cloud in your hybrid or multicloud environment. You get a simpler, easier way to manage your workloads, without juggling the multiple tools that come from each of your cloud vendors.

You can make the most of what each vendor offers, by deploying workloads according to pricing, toolsets, and infrastructure capabilities. At the same time, you can apply security and consistent policies across your multicloud deployments. Your on-prem and private cloud resources remain just as valuable. Only with multicloud, your hybrid capabilities gain more flexibility at the public tier.

What is the IGNW Multicloud Architecture?

The IGNW Multicloud Architecture puts the combined muscle of Cisco CloudCenter and Google Cloud Platform to work. Whether your workloads are based on VMs or containers, you have the option to deploy on-premises or in the cloud, without any changes to your application topology.

This architecture is a great choice for self-service IT environments – giving analysts, developers, and other consumers of IT services flexible, multiple environments to suit their projects. DevOps teams can integrate their continuous delivery pipelines to the targets they choose for deployment. And the architecture provides fast migration of workloads to and from any cloud, with reliable infrastructure, security, and automation.

On the operations side, a monitoring and performance layer gives you a way to pinpoint and resolve problems quickly. Compared to the hours or days required with traditional analysis and debugging, you get the tools to find and fix a problem in minutes.

IGNW’s Multicloud Architecture provides consistency in management and user experience across workloads, no matter the vendor or the cloud.

Get the flexibility, simplicity, and control you need for multicloud deployments

You’re no longer on your own, trying to manage a complex multicloud atmosphere. You can target your apps to the resources that best suit them, and control the complete environment with visibility into performance and workloads, wherever they reside.

On top of that, you can avoid cloud vendor lock in, stop paying for services you don’t need, and reduce IT overhead. Best of all, this single multicloud platform puts everything in one place – in a controlled environment that flattens the learning curve once required for multiple tools from each cloud vendor.  

See IGNW’s multicloud solution at Google Next!

Businesses are facing enormous complexity as they try to take advantage of the multicloud marketplace. IGNW removes that complexity, as well as the cost and risk, with an architecture based on Cisco CloudCenter and Google Cloud Platform.

For a demo, please stop by our booth #1613 at Google Next.

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