IGNW Practical DevOps means greater simplicity and more speed, right now. Increase the velocity of your software pipeline and expand the agility of your business. Our way of DevOps is more action and less coffee-shop debates.

At IGNW, DevOps is simple and practical and we don’t overthink it: foster a culture of collaboration and continuous delivery; accelerated by automation.  At IGNW we have helped some of the largest clients in the world simplify their DevOps initiatives and solve some big challenges, and we can help you on your DevOps journey every step of the way too- quickly, effectively and correctly, with no million dollar binders or fancy powerpoint slides required. Just solid action and great results.



Whether just starting out or well down the road, understanding your DevOps fitness is a critical success factor...


IGNW DevOps Workshops are designed to help accelerate and ensure the success of your improvement efforts- but without a bunch of reused slideware. Our workshops bring seasoned DevOps, Service Delivery, and Automation experts to provide real lessons learned and better practices from true high performing organizations across the industry.

We offer the following workshops or we are happy to customize one for your organization today!

  • DORA Benchmarked DevOps Assessment
    Used to produce the Puppet state of DevOps report. Benchmark YOUR DevOps practices against the rest of the industry.
  • Software Practices
    Assessment of current software practices with respect to DevOps alignment.
  • Automation and IaC “Learning and Doing” Workshops
    Get your hands on the latest stuff, while you rationalize your own tool sets.
  • Test and QA Process Improvement Workshops
    You could do better in QA. Our experts can help.
  • DevOps, NetOps and SecOps Kickstarters
    Starting the journey? We help you with the coolest learning and doing projects.
  • Container Strategies Workshops
    Learn about containers, orchestration and how it all works in YOUR environment, not ours.
  • Ask Us About Funded Workshops!
    Yes, you may even be able to get that one for free!



Decades of experience and a battle-tested approach will quickly help you deliver your DevOps mission...


Whether you are a beginner on the DevOps journey or an old pro, IGNW DevOps consulting can help you quickly transform your IT value by improving outcomes in people, processes and tools, for the very best cultural outcomes. We have done it for our own company and for many others - and we are not limited by any particular process, construct, or product. IGNW consulting IT lifecycle, from design and build, to test and release, to deployment and operation.

By working with our “been there- done that” consulting engineers, your organization will tackle the toughest bottlenecks in your process to allow t you stay in control, save money, and overcome the complexity. Some of the consulting that IGNW offers:

  • AGILE Mentoring, Guidance
    To take on an agile development methodology, we will be by your side as you adopt organizational and cultural changes.
  • Strategy
    IGNW can help you develop your DevOps strategy all the way to operational.
  • Frameworks
    Any or all, we know how to push through - Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Pipelines, Automated Testing, Quality Control Gates, Canary & Blue/Green Deployments.
  • Automation and Infrastructure as Code
    Automate that! Which tools and processes are the best for YOUR organization? We can help you find the answers.
  • Tools Rationalization
    100 developers and 1000 tools. It’s the bane of the OPS team, and DEV needs them all! Not so fast. IGNW can help you create ultimate DEV environments that are supportable, cost less, secure, compliant and most of all- FAST.
  • Measurements and KPI
    IGNW can help you set up the correct KPI’s so that you can measure your true agility and show your company the ultimate measure of value!



Efficiency, agility and acceleration via containers is smart business—but is it really the right move?


Moving to a new application architecture to enable DevOps culture and leverage heterogeneous Cloud technologies means making some changes around existing practices, technologies/tools and even retraining people. IGNW is one of a very few organizations that is certified and qualified to help clients with this journey. Not all microservices are created equal, and there are ways to tackle your own individual approach. IGNW has deep practices around Microservices, Containers and even Serverless architectures.

  • Modernizing Traditional Applications (MTA)
    IGNW is a Docker Certified ACP partner and can help you strategize on your CaaS or PaaS environment and which is best suited for your particular applications and workloads.
  • Application Orchestration
    What’s the best way to manage and move your workloads and tool up your processes for the ultimate speed and agility? IGNW has answers for you.
  • Docker / Docker EE / Docker Data Center
    The “Gold Standard” in CaaS, IGNW can help you decide if a supported or non-supported Docker environment (or even something else) is the right move for your organization long term.
  • Kubernetes/ K8S Services
    Sometimes it’s better to buy, and sometimes better to build, but having a deep core understanding of the container and its orchestration is critical. Many PaaS “resellers” don’t understand how the technology works fundamentally, leading clients down a path that either locks them in, or locks them up. IGNW engineers have deployed just about as much Kubernetes as anyone, and can help you sort out your best play.



Provision environments, define policy, securely, via easily supported immutable architectures...


IGNW does IaC “Different”. We are a full stack providers, designing for both Multi-Cloud environments and DevOps Cultures that reduce operating challenges, and offer agility across your entire infrastructure, whether on or off prem. Nobody does it like IGNW. Combining automation, workload and application orchestration, networking and hybrid cloud management to streamline and speed operations, you can finally focus on new projects that quickly deliver a competitive edge. IGNW can help you now with:

  • Automatically, fully provisioned full stack environments
  • Integrate legacy infrastructure directly into your modern pipeline
  • Policies to enforce security & compliance
  • Fully immutable architectures
  • Network automation, Security automation, “branch-able” configurations
  • Vendors and technologies supported: Terraform, Packer, Puppet, Ansible, Chef



Pervasive automation from your network to the cloud is a critical input to outflank your competition...


As the shift to hybrid-cloud environments increases, adopting full-stack automation for DevOps and production workloads can greatly increase agility and speed. Today, organizations need the flexibility to dynamically move workloads from on- and off-premises environments without requiring changes to applications, automatically, depending on many different parameters. Sometimes the Public cloud is the way to go, other times the very same workloads are best suited onsite. Through full-stack automation IGNW can help create, deploy and scale your applications, with less complexity.

Workload Provisioned Infrastructure
Why think about it? Let your workload build its own infrastructure when it needs it, then automatically tear down after the workload has run, saving you thousands of dollar in recurring costs for forgotten or stranded workloads. Your cloud provider will never tell you this is possible!

Dynamic Workload Allocation/Hybrid Management Imagine letting your Software Make the Right Resource Decisions in Real Time- your systems know when its best to deploy in the cloud or on prem, depending on factors such as cloud spend, contract limits, performance requirements, or even network speed…it's possible right now!



DevOps is critical to your strategy but it's not your core competency. Consider an alternative to an expensive team...


Want to go on the DevOps journey but don’t want the overhead of managing an expensive team or tools? Do what you do best and let us do what WE do best. IGNW can provide DevOps as a managed service to organizations who run or want to build or run applications in the cloud and implement full CI/CD pipelines without the expense and overhead of doing it yourself. IGNW can provide a service that goes beyond simple products and implementation. We offer real collaboration, true velocity and real cultural outcomes. Let IGNW DevOps as a service help you now, starting around as low as the cost of a single engineer!

  • Outsourced DevOps Talent
    Fully outsources or partially outsourced individuals or entire teams. IGNW has over 200 DevOps engineers available to deploy today!
  • Experts at Scale
    Access to an expert team for about the cost of one engineer- Because we help many organizations, we have DevOps capabilities at scale. If you need a variety of expertise but don’t want to pay for multiple individuals, and IGNW DevOps managed services contract can help you scale across skillsets, for much less than you think!
  • Full Stack IaC
    Sometimes, managing the infrastructure is the toughest part. Automations break, tools change, OPS teams change technology services and platforms. IGNW can roll with the changes and manage your IaC environment no matter what the market throws at you, for less money and more effectively than most overworked IT organizations.
  • Supported CI/CD pipelines
    Managing large sets of ever evolving tools is one of the single largest challenges for DevOps teams, and sucks up tremendous time and resources. IGNW can help by managing a set of rational tools that support your entire pipeline.

Rapid response times mean big benefits for your business.

Today every company is a software company. To compete in today’s market, companies need to be Agile and respond to market conditions in weeks or days. In order to move this fast you need an engineering culture that’s built for rapid change. DevOps is transforming the way we operate our business.   Allowing us to make small changes to our software, get it to market and get rapid feedback. Thus reducing the overall time and cost of delivery.



Automated software delivery pipelines enables shipping of code 100's of times a day.



Automated testing pipelines ensure software is working the way it's designed, before it goes live.



All of this adds up to a lower TCO to deliver and maintain your underlying technology solutions.


Practical DevOps