Your Best Year = Our Best Year

Key Take Aways from IGNW’s 2019 Kickoff

IGNW recently celebrated a successful 2018 and took a look at what we will be tackling in 2019. Last year we doubled in size and are doubling down on what we will be accomplishing in 2019. So, what is it like working for a company that is moving THIS fast? Intense and rewarding.

2018 was the year of growth. We doubled our head count, won Cisco Outstanding Solutions Partner of the Year, won Global Ecosystem partner of the year at Cisco Partner Summit, National DSI partner of the year, added new amazing customers, won Best of Staffing in 2018, named top 10 DevOps Consultants in the U.S. by CIO Applications Magazine, and countless other “wins” during the year.

2019 is the year of Acceleration. What does this mean and how will we accomplish this? Simple.

Your Best Year = Our Best Year.

What does your best year look like? Working at a growing company it’s easy to get lost in the race, but not at IGNW. Your best year might be cultivating a stronger work life balance; building your career while improving your health and social life. Maybe, your best year will be prioritizing your personal brand. At IGNW, we care about the personal growth of our team. After all, the better you do the quicker we grow together. This is how we will accelerate.


Thank you to Oven and Shaker for hosting our 2019 kick off party. Cheers to an amazing year!

Ready to join the team or learn more about our employee benefits? #MakeTheSwitch to IGNW.