Cisco Hyperflex Partner Enablement Program

Hyper Converged Integrated Systems are on fire.  Let IGNW supercharge your team’s knowledge of the Cisco Hyperflex Platform to help you drive business in this hot market.

Reading a data sheet can help anyone understand the technology. But getting your hands on the technology and really exploring the power is the difference between winning and losing. Cisco Hyperflex will be the defacto standard for Hybrid IT workloads this year. IGNW will show the partner ecosystem the power of Cisco engineering in action. You will not lose another Hyperconverged deal!

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Target Audience

Cisco partner engineers, presales engineers and Cisco field engineers who wish to understand how Hyperflex can be both upgraded and deployed in either a standalone fashion or as a cloud endpoint.
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What To Expect

  • 30 days of advanced lab access and hands on training
  • Learning and doing together with IGNW cloud engineers, infrastructure architects and application side engineers
  • All Cisco geos
  • Having partners become deadly in this technology.

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What's In It for You

Having your partners be fluent in the real differentiators of Cisco in Hyperconverged is the secret sauce. We will train partners on how to outsell the competition and do it using technical differentiators, leading to many more deals for you.