HyperFlex Partner Enablement Lab (HPEL) FAQ

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Q: What is the Lab and the Cisco Partner Enablement program? A: Managed Service Program that provides mentored training on the HyperFlex and the supporting software. As a partner you will have access to Pre-Racked Hyperflex pods with full remote access. Additional optional software based on partner and Cisco needs.

Q: Will we incur any costs? A: There are no costs associated with this program. Cisco and IGNW will be providing this to you to increase your knowledge and ability to identify HX opportunities.

Q: Will I receive a Cisco certification? A: There is no specific Cisco cert at this time. You will receive the knowledge to help identify and support a new opportunity or deployment.

Q: What technologies do I need to know? A: It is helpful but not required to have experience with VMWARE and UCS. We have high level training modules in these areas for those who need it.

Q: Who is the target audience? A: Pre and Post Sales Engineers.

Q: How long is the program? A: You will have access to your lab environment for 4 weeks. This includes six instructor lead training modules and six self paced lab modules.

Q: When will my lab be available? A: Scheduling is based on availability, you will work with the IGNW PMO to lock in your 4 week interval.

Q: Is the HX POD being used by more than one group? A: No, you will have the dedicated lab for the duration of the 4 weeks.

Q: Can there be concurrent users on the lab? A: Although we encourage all attendees to attend the presentations, the lab only allows one user at a time.

Q: What other technologies will we learn about in the lab? A: HyperFlex ,VMWARE, UCS.

Q: What will I be able to accomplish after I complete the program? A: You will be able to implement, manage, and troubleshoot an HX environment. Additionally, will be able to present the value proposition to the customer.

Q: How many resources are required and can we estimate how much time we should dedicate to the lab? A: 2 x dedicated engineers (Low end 8 hours for 3.0 HX Only). 40 hours for full experience, 20 hours lecture and 20 hours self paced lab.

Q: What is the content of the program? A:The program includes lectures, shared content and self-paced labs.

Q: How will I manage my lab environment? A: You will have access to a web portal allowing you to access your environment and manage its state, through this portal you can reset or manage all lab components 24/7.

Q: Where is the lab gear located? A: It is located in IGNW colocation - in Portland, OR.

Q: What is the lab gear? A:Dedicated POD running HX 3.0 with 4 All Flash nodes and ESXi 6.5.

Q: What if I need help? A: There will be a support email provided to you to email questions or request troubleshooting.

Q: Can customers access the lab? A:With approval you can allow them to access the environment using your credentials.If other arrangements need to be made we can partner together to customize an approach.

Q: Who is our main contact? A: Our program office will serve as your main point of contact, connecting you to the appropriate resource for your needs.