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Kubernetes 101 Crash Course- Get your Kube on AGAIN!!

Come join the IGNW & Google Cloud teams as they walk you through Kubernetes 101. Light snacks, energy drink and adult beverages provided. Plenty of Google & IGNW swag and door prizes.

This is a combination of lecture and lab. Attendees will be doing 1.5hrs of actual, hands-on work on GKE.

When: September 24 from 3 - 6 pm

Where: VENTURE X – Downtown Orlando
100 East Pine Street Suite #110
Orlando, FL, 32801

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Attendees will walk away with:

  • Entry-level understanding of Kubernetes and container orchestration

  • Understanding of basic Kubenetes concepts such as Deployments, Pods, Services, ConfigMaps, etc

  • Knowledge of how to deploy a sample application to a Kubernetes Cluster

  • A high-level overview of more advanced Kube topics: autoscaling, metrics, service mesh, helm charts

  • Experience deploying a managed Kubernetes cluster on Google Cloud (GKE)


  • Laptop with Internet Access

  • Google Cloud Account (with $300 free credit)

  • Previous experience with Google Cloud and the Linux command line is helpful, but not required.

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