Cisco & IGNW MultiCloud KickStarter

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Are you trying to understand how to navigate the ever-changing multicloud world? Are you receiving questions about application workloads and how to best utilize containerization? Take advantage of the IGNW and Cisco Multicloud Experience Center to help learn and navigate powerful technology and deliver business results.

Cisco Container Platform and Cisco Cloud Center are fundamental to solving the challenges that multicloud initiatives bring to organizations. Whatever public cloud choice or strategy you are pursuing experience how IGNW’s expertise and Cisco’s technology can help guide your transformation.

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Target Audience

Cisco Account teams (AM & SEs), Cisco Channel Partners, Eco-system partners, and Customers.

The multicloud experience center with Cisco Container Platform and Cisco Cloud Center will address private and public cloud complexities.

Leverage IGNW’s expertise in the multicloud world to learn best practices and solutions to business challenges.

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What To Expect

  1. High-level concepts of Cisco Container Platform
  2. High-level concepts of Cisco Cloud Center
  3. Business benefits
  4. Strategy and roadmap topics
  5. Public Cloud endpoints
  6. Demonstration of an application workload moving from an on-premise instance to a public cloud endpoint
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What's In It for You

Learn and become comfortable at a high level containerization and application workloads.

Lead with best of breed Cisco Technologies to solve complex multi-cloud business use cases.

Leverage IGNW’s expertise to solve business needs with multicloud transformation.

Schedule a demo or follow-up conversation with IGNW and Cisco.