Programmable infrastructure is the start of "something big". NetOps on Cisco is the revolution of "something bigger"!

Automation strategies are a top customer priority- and, if managed right, can drag an enormous amount of Cisco products. Many clients are "doing" automation, but doing it poorly (or worse). Taking a software biased approach to infrastructure programmability and building software like pipelines for infrastructure as code is the holy grail- and IGNW can help your client do this right, right now- positioning Cisco as the ONLY foundation they will ever need!

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Target Audience

Target customer I/O teams who are looking to either get started with Automation or take it to the next level and beyond! This workshop is really great for competitors customers as well, as we focus 100% on integrating with Cisco technologies and API’;s, but position that the technologies we use are open source and can be used with anything.

  • NetOps workshops are great for I/O engineers who want to learn IaC and CI/CD processes- similar to those that their application groups are using.
  • Consuming Cisco API’s gives the non-Cisco customer a look at Cisco technologies and that familiarity influences buying decisions.
  • The Kickstarter focuses on 5 different Cisco product families

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What To Expect 

In this 4 day whirlwind, customer will learn everything from the basics of Python coding, through advanced configurations and configuration management tools like Ansible or Puppet (client preferences) and then how to apply the best practices learned into building a CI/CD approach that truly elevates the clients environment to an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) setting, all while consuming Cisco open APIS and getting the customer fluent in Cisco technologies- even if they have a prior non-Cisco bias .

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What's In it for you

Consuming Cisco API’s gives the customer a much deeper “hands on” look at Cisco technologies and that familiarity radically influences buying decisions. We have helped Cisco teams close enormous deals or stuck deals with this workshop. Giving the customer a Cisco bias is an almost sure result of the kickstarter.

You will:
  • Gain intelligence into the buying decisions that are coming up.
  • Sell larger deals than before.
  • Cross sell more easily, using the open API structure of Cisco to integrate the products into a workflow and with each other.
  • Show integrated value beyond what your competitors can.
  • Close deals much faster!