With IGNW's HFX TestFlight and HFX Afterburner, the sky is no longer the limit- and your competition is left eating your dust. 

Lets face it, hyperconverged is crowded and Cisco is the new kid on the block- but there is a BIG difference! Customers want strong on prem but a cloud native strategy. With Cisco HFX and integrated capabilities from Cisco products like CCP, C3 and CWOM, Cisco Hyperflex is the king of HCI- and we will help you prove it! With IGNW HFX Testflight(seeded POCS) and Afterburner (3.X upgrades) workshops, we help Cisco make Hyperflex more relevant, and more powerful, and cloud enabled. No competitor can fly this high. 

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Target Audience

  • Customers who have seeded HFX units, or need to upgrade an existing HFX frame to 3.X
  • Customers who are exploring competitive technologies like Nutanix, HP Simplivity or VX Rail
  • Customers who have on prem but are moving to the cloud
  • Customers who are eval’ing hybrid technologies like Azurestack
  • Customers who have HFX today and want to upgrade

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What To Expect

With nearly 20 successful large enterprise deployments and upgrades, IGNW has deployed more HFX than any single Cisco partner outside of perhaps the largest global partners. Why are we so good? We explore what the customer WANTS to do, and we make that a reality. Then we make HFX integral to their IT value proposition. We also lock Cisco in as the only legit hybrid cloud endpoint, and show integrations and software that makes the HFX environment literally competition proof! What you can expect in the HFX

Testflight and Afterburner:
  • Presales work with Cisco team and VAR team to lock down the scope.
  • Dedicated program manager who has managed MANY similar deployments and upgrades.
  • UCS, Networking and VMWare expertise in each deployment.
  • Cloud native/Application architect assistance where required.
  • Add on HFX sales.

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What's In It for You

We know how to sell this! Every customer is a cloud customer, but where and how? IGNW works with your team, and the VAR to make the deal happen. We understand the competitive environments and we understand how to sell and install HFX. Bring us into your deal today, and we will get it done!
  • Outsell Nutanix, Simplivity, VX and more
  • Make Cisco part of the cloud strategy not in competition with it.
  • Incorporate other SW and Orchestration tools as part of the 3.X afterburner.
  • Make more $$, control the account!