DNA Center and Network Intuitive: IGNW will help your clients take it from "Just Seeded" to "What We Needed" 

Helping clients understand how to gain competitive advantage using the Cisco Intuitive is not difficult to do- but a meaningful proof of value, implementing true software defined methods and IaC best practices will create the long term success that will give Cisco the advantage. IGNW will follow your DNA Center seeds with a POV that will shine on in perpetuity- and drive big long-term wins!

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Target Audience

  • Any customer who wants the value proposition of DNA center
  • Demos of DNA center
  • CAT 9K Customers who want to get into application centric modes
  • Customers who have seeded DNA Center and want to move to Proof of Value or Full Deployment
  • Customers who want to customize DNA Center or build custom plugins
  • Customers who want Custom Functionality in DNA Center
  • DNA Customers who want to build device awareness for Non Cisco devices
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What to Expect

With over 100 software and infrastructure DevOps engineers, developers and architects, IGNW has more ability to customize software and infrastructure than any other Cisco partner outside of the largest global partners. With this bench, we can customize DNA center in any way your client can imagine. Why are we so good? We explore what the customer WANTS to do, and we make that a reality and we make Cisco integral to their IT and Application value proposition. We also lock Cisco in as the preferred management platform, and show integrations and software that makes the DNA environment literally competition proof! What you can expect in the DNA Center Testflight and Afterburner:
  • Presales work with Cisco team and VAR team to lock down the scope
  • Dedicated program manager who has managed MANY similar deployments and upgrades
  • Quick software integrations
  • Cloud native/Application architect assistance where required.
  • Add on infrastructure sales
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What's in it for you

At IGNW We know how to sell this! Every customer is an Automation customer, and all clients have room for IT efficiency but where and how? IGNW works with your team, and the VAR to make the deal happen. We understand the competitive environments and we understand how to sell and get DNA Center adopted. Bring us into your deal today, and we will get it done!
  • Make Cisco DNA Center the top level infrastructure manager
  • Make Cisco the defacto automation and management toolset
  • Incorporate other SW , products and Orchestration tools as part of the afterburner motion
  • Make more $$, control the account!