"Workloads Anywhere" requires a smarter approach. Meet Cisco Container Platform- Kubernetes' new BFF!  

As one of the top DevOps and Cloud consultants in the country, IGNW is at home and referencable in both the Fortune 100 or in the fast moving Hyper-scaler. We speak software, we speak containers, we deploy K8S and we know how to position CCP and to put Cisco platform technology in play where it counts-in their most business critical initiatives. 


Target Audience

To get Cisco CCP in play, and make Cisco the foundation for Hybrid Cloud, look for:
  • Enterprises or dev shops that are using container technology and exploring different Kubernetes Distributions
  • Any interest in deploying workloads on Google Cloud
  • Any interest in deploying workloads on a Hybrid cloud such as Azurestack or VM’s on AWS
  • Looking to divest of Openstack
  • Exploring Openshift, Cloud Foundry, Swarm, or any other PaaS or CaaS
  • Hyperflex or UCS and desire to move some workloads to the cloud

What to expect

IGNW and the Cisco DSI program will customize an offering for you that will make Cisco the standard Kubernetes Distro. IGNW will compare the CCP technology to other K8S Distro’s and highlight the advantages of CCP for the Cisco client. We will also discuss modernizing a traditional application via micro services/containers and use Kubernetes with Cisco CCP on top as the orchestration platform. We can then demonstrate workload moves and the benefits of CCP.
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What's in it for you

Relevance with the application teams and a DevOps conversation are key to having account control. Positioning Cisco with container orchestration value gets you in front of the business side audience extremely quickly. By positioning CCP you will likely sell more: UCS, Security, Networking, Cloud Center, Turbonomics/CWOM , ACI and other software defined technologies. You will also be critical to the multi cloud story.