DockerCon 2019: Here's What You Missed


DockerCon hit the city of San Francisco from April 28th - May 2nd and we must say, it was a week packed with transformative and innovative idea sharing.

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IGNW Consultant Karvari hanging out with some Docker robots!


The two main keynote sessions provided a lot of insight on what Docker has been working on in the past year as well as where they see themselves into the future. If you missed it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Day 1 Keynote:

The Day 1 Keynote was was filled with customer guest speakers, Docker demos, and leading edge product announcements. During the keynote, Docker presented their new product Docker Enterprise 3.0, the only desktop-to-cloud enterprise container platform enabling organization to build and share any application and securely run them anywhere - from cloud all the way to the edge.

This session also provided announcements of this year’s winners of the Customer Innovation awards and multiple different demos, including one from R.O.S.I.E., which two Liberty Mutual engineers built by using Docker.

If you’re interested in checking this Keynote out for yourself, you can find it below:

Day 2 Keynote:

Day 2 lent some insight towards Dockers core values as a company. They started by announcing the new Docker Foundation, a philanthropic organization that put emphasis on enabling education opportunities. The first organization that they will be partnering with is which is an organization that focuses on eliminating inequities within computer science educational space. They do so by providing tools and connections to build up software engineers of all walks of life, no matter their race, gender, or backgrounds.

After Docker Foundation was announced, a few awards were given out such as the Community Leader Award and the Docker Captain Award which are given to those in the Docker community.

Finally, Dockers CTO, Kal De, came on stage to discuss Dockers engineering tenets and technology areas in which they are investing. This came with some demonstrations of upcoming features for multi-architecture builds, automated cloud deployments, as well as the addition of commercial support for containers.

If you’d like to watch the day two keynote, click below.