Female Leaders Coming Together in Empowerment

Group Power Pairing .jpeg

It is said that only 20% of tech jobs are currently held by women. Now seeing that over half of the labor force is female, where are we finding the disparity?

IGNW finds this number to be a low representation of powerful women and because of our passion in fostering strong female representation, we have partnered up with a few different groups to grow interest.

One group in particular that IGNW sponsors frequently is the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO). This group is a team that aligns well with the IGNW mission. On June 11th, TAO hosted a Power Pairing Dinner that was directed towards prominent female leaders in the community as well as women in tech that are emerging into their careers.

IGNW was pleased to be invited to participate in an event that connects so well with our passions. Not only did we attend but our very own, Kelly Cronin who is the Co-Chair of TAO’s Leadership Launchpad was given the opportunity to stand up and discuss her desires to drive female empowerment within the tech industry.


After the event, we caught up with Kelly who said, “it was really incredible being surrounded by so many powerful women in one room. I felt empowered and motivated to be an example for other women who are trying to find their way in the tech industry.”

IGNW is very driven to provide a promoting and supportive environment for all demographics at our office. Allowing our employees to feel enabled in their careers will always be something we support.

Keep an eye on our website, we will absolutely be participating in more events like this and we would love to see you there!