Extinguish Career Burnout


It is indisputable that people crave careers that allow them to feel purposeful and prideful. But what are the underlying aspects of a work environment that perpetuate those feelings of worth and satisfaction?

FundRocket provided a recent survey that asked over 1,000 employees what it is that allows them to feel purpose and pride at work. Surprisingly enough, salary was 15th on the list. It seems that 4 out of 5 participants suggested that their professional skill sets were where they found pride and 74% of participants said they found pride in their professional reputations and their self-reliance.

Furthermore, the survey also suggests that workload completion is a facet in satisfaction. Workload completion came in 6th place following: workers skill level, the specific product or service the company is offering, the worker’s reputation, self-reliance, and self-improvement.


Career coach Hailee Crawford says this is unsurprising because “[w]hen we’re able to use what we know and are productive, this is a great source of job satisfaction,” In terms of self improvement, it is important because “growing as a professional and learning new skills prevents career burnout.”

This survey also provided some information on how one can feel prideful at work based on their personal lives outside the office. Apparently, those who said they have better friendships and relationships outside of work, bring more pride into their place of work. The survey suggests that, “about 60 percent or more felt confident, productive, and worthy in their professional roles. … A similar pattern emerged in connection to relationship satisfaction. When compared to those dissatisfied with their romantic relationships, individuals who were satisfied with their romantic lives were twice as likely to feel accomplished at work.”

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