Racing to IGNW Contractor Happy Hour!

IGNW Celebrating our Q1 Goal Winner and Our Contractors! 

Congrats to our Q1 goal winners for starting this year off with a bang!! We started off this year hungry to do better and will continually strive to beat our goals. Our Q1 goal winners celebrated by burning some rubber!

"We spend over half of our life at work. Life is better when you enjoy the people you work with."  -Eric Lovely, Q1 Goal Winner

Contractor Appreciation Happy Hour

This event was celebrated at Produce Row for our bi-annual contractor appreciation happy hour! We like to take this time to formally say thank you to all of our contractors for all of the hard work and time that they put in. The contractor appreciation event is a time for our internal team and contractors to mingle and network! 

Thank you to Cammie for pulling this event together! Cammie is our Consultant Services Manager who ensures that our contractors enjoy their time with IGNW. 

"The recruitment process for this position was smooth and as fast as I expected"- Raghu, IGNW Contractor

What is it like to be a contractor at IGNW? 

  • 401K with a "real" company.
  • Health insurance contributions.
  • Paid Sick time.
  • Preferred full-time offers with IGNW or the end customer.
  • Access to Industry and Vendor certifications
  • On-the-job training opportunities with experts
  • Potentially much higher contracting rates
  • And much more - ping us for the full list of benefits! 


Get what you deserve! Ask us how to #MakeTheSwitch to IGNW.