Come Hear Our Own Phil Taylor Speak at the Up Coming PDX SIM Event!

Where will Microservices be most effective and what's the ulimate impact on IT?

Event Details:
3/14/18 SIM-Portland meeting - Speaker Panel - "Demystifying Microservices and the impact of the changing DevOps development tools on IT"  Info and reg:
Program description: What are Microservices? Why is this new software development architecture important? How does it compare with the traditional monolithic development style? Where will Microservices be most effective and what impact will it have the service that IT will need to provide?  

Join us for the SIM Portland March 2018 meeting when we will explore what the implications of Microservices are and how a local company is implementing this architecture, and what it has learned from this experience.

Key topics that will be explored in this talk include:
    The difference between Monolithic and Microservices development models
    What are the benefits of Microservices and are they right for your business and  technology stack
    What are the people, process and technology considerations for moving to Microservices
    Lessons learned from implementing Microservices, including how and why the switch worked, as well as areas for improvement in adoption and implementation. 

Speaker panel: Phil Taylor (IGNW), Dan Anolik (HeathSparq/Cambia). 
Richard Appleyard, Introduction and Q&A. 
Program agenda: The draft format is short presentations (20-25mins) by each panelist, and then an open Q&A from the attendees.
[Attendees like interactive presentations; drawing on the mindshare in the room, and quizzing them on what they know or think with regard to the topic. Some may have experience with the subject matter, some may not. All will have opinions!]
Event agenda: The program starts at 5:30pm with networking drinks, followed by a plated dinner around 615pm, announcements and other business at 6:45pm, and then the presentations around 7pm. Wrap up around 8pm.
Attendees: Around 75. IT management practitioners, including CIOs, VPs, Directors, and managers, as well as some IT service providers and other business leaders.
Location: The University Club (1225 SW 6th Avenue, Portland Oregon 97204)
[Parking is validated at the club front desk for three adjacent parking lots, 
Pac West Center 1211 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204
Unitus Plaza 1301 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97201
Ladd Tower Lot 756 SW Jefferson St, Portland, OR 97201]
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