Need Proof IGNW is Different?? Holding Ourselves Accountable via NPS

Running a fast growth, modern Tech Solution Provider comes with its own unique sets of challenges. 

First off, we offer a unique set of resources, skills and strengths that are new to this ever changing market. .Secondly, we really ARE running a different kind of business –one that is very much focused on client satisfaction; quality product and outcome and  HAPPY and well cared for consultants vs. just focused on financial gain. And the most important part of this is PROVING it, because outside of proof-  all you know is what you know right?!  

I know that putting your money where your mouth is - is not the norm for the industry we are in. But with IGNW, and the new category we are creating, we rely on our customers, candidates, employees, and contractors to tell our story- rather than just telling it ourself!

So how do we do it?

IGNW takes great care to measure our success by asking for actionable feedback and to constantly improve and LISTEN to our customers, contractors and employees. We are measuring ourselves and changing our business in REAL TIME based on YOUR experiences with IGNW!  One of the top tools we use is the high bar “Net Promotor Score” methodology.  If you know anything about this method, it is very scary for a company to get feedback this way because its one of the toughest measures in any industry. And for Net Promotor to be meaningful, it must be administered by a 3rd party that is agnostic.

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IGNW uses agnostic, third party survey company Innavero to administer our Net Promotor Score in order to keep integrity in the process- and we are very proud to say that IGNW scores in the top percentile in our industry- at 82.4, on an industry average of 24- and higher than landmark customer satisfaction companies like USAA, Microsoft, Target, Netflix and even Tesla! A couple of other facts about IGNW’s NPS:

  • Our consultant satisfaction score is 35% HIGHER than the National Average

  • Our client satisfaction score is 22% HIGHER than that National Average

  • In FACT we are 9% above the World Class Satisfaction Benchmark!

To help us help you, please continue giving us feedback, and let us know directly when you think we aren’t hitting the mark. We promise we will listen and act upon it. This is how we will grow and continue to serve you best!!